Senior Art Director


FEEL, think, build, lead, inspire, design, give feedback, start over, feel more, solve, obsess, CREATE, argue, pitch, & repeat.

- Thinks about design not as just as a visual craft but as a part of a larger brand experience
- Cares about the future of storytelling and wants to find unique ways to express a story 

- Understands the core foundations of storytelling - both in visual and written forms 

- Wants to lead a diverse team of experience designers, filmmakers, developers and copywriters to solve business problems 

- Can inspire creatives at every level to think in new ways 

- Loves to switch gears, juggle multiple projects, keep to deadlines all while keeping up with latest trends


  • Solves client needs with my own perspective on world-class artistry, design and thinking.

  • Oversees the development and execution of creative solutions often starting with the blank page

  • Directs and delivers creative experiences across many disciplines

  • Translates creative solutions across multi-platform services and campaigns, from online experiences to cobranded marketing campaigns for entertainment channels and content.


  • Leads and guides for a diverse range of creative disciplines

  • Mentors office-wide creatives, grows and evolves the digital team

  • Always excited for new design approaches and setting up others for success

Client facing

  • Develops innovative and strategically-relevant creative solutions that meet clients’ business objectives.

  • Presentable, inspiring and professional communication 

  • Actively listening and understanding of client needs 


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